Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Sale Transformation

by Eleanor Hendriks

The biggest motivation to get all the previously mentioned transformation done was the...

1st Annual StudioÉLAN Christmas Art Sale.

This show was held November 9, 10 and 11 2007 -I invited 6 other artists to show their wares at my studio along with my pottery. We had food, cider, holiday decorations and lots of fun!

Guests were:

  • Janice Addison -watercolour painter from Seagrave, ON

  • Morris Young -woodturner from near Bobcaygeon, ON

  • Suzi Silhanek -artistic lampmaker from near Bobcaygeon, ON

  • Sally Wells -french beading artist from Woodville, ON

  • Meg Silhanek -bead jeweller from near Bobcaygeon, ON

  • John Poole -photographer from Fenelon Falls, ON

I'd love to try my hand at embedding a link to their work but not a single one of them is online!

Instead I'll tantalize you with a few photos of their displays at my studio during the sale:

Janice Addison

Meg Silhanek

Suzi Silhanek

Morris Young

...and our Christmas tree completely decorated in ornaments handmade by us!

Now why on earth would I tell you about all this after it is all over?!? Simply this, if you would like a snail or e-invite to the 2nd Annual StudioÉLAN Christmas Art Sale to be held in November 2008 just let me know -we'd love to have you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Studio Transformation

by Eleanor Hendriks

StudioÉlan went from this...

To this...

And then to this...

And finally, to this...

A bright, cheerful pottery workspace with heat (just in time for winter) and lots of power for ...

..the kiln.

This transformation took from February to October, two electricians, one backhoe, 6 bottles of Dawn, 3 floor epoxy kits, 15 gallons of paint, a truckload of drywall, plywood and 2x4's, 4 doors, 6 (energy efficient) fluorescent lights and HOURS of work.

But it still looks like....

...a garage!
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