Saturday, August 13, 2011

Starting Over

by Eleanor Link
Things have changed here at StudioÉlan. And the changes are so big that it is like starting over.

The vagaries of life have resulted in the loss of my husband, the loss of my fabulous studio and a move to a new city.

This blog will no longer be a cheerful collection of studio activities, nifty projects and storage solutions. There won't be any more reports about students or invites to studio sales.

I don't have a studio or the financial stability necessary for my family that would allow me to continue as a full-time potter.

This blog is now about what I can do with what I do have -all of my experience, skill and the compelling desire to make things out of clay. These can't be taken away.

My focus in my new life is my children.

You haven't heard much about them here before even though they have always played a big part in the shaping of my pottery life and decision making. I haven't wanted to be a 'mommy blogger' and I doubt I'll start now. I do expect though, that focusing on what is best for them in my new circumstances will have a more obvious effect on how my future in clay takes shape than it has in the past.

For now, I know that having my hands in clay regularly is going to be important to my capacity as a single mother. The ongoing search for balance between family, survival and the need to create will just be that much more intense.

My first step in finding that balance has been finding a place to work:

And today my first session with wet clay since October 2010 had simple but encouraging results:

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