Friday, February 26, 2010

I have a New Man in My Life

by Eleanor Hendriks

His name is Peter. I met him on Valentine's Day and I'm in love.

So here's the whole juicy story. I bought a Peter Pugger/Mixer from another potter who was upgrading and the only day we weren't both busy was Valentine's Day so that was the day we arranged to go and pick it up. My handy hubby (yes, I'm keeping him too) and I spent the most romantic day driving to get the pugmill, rearranging the studio to accommodate it and testing it out on my huge pile of reclaim.

This great machine is more than just a pugmill, it is also a mixer, which means I can put dry trimmings and chunks, slop, water and workable clay in it to be reconstituted. The only thing it won't mix up is leatherhard clay. Also, is has a vacuum pump, so the clay comes out deaired, there is no need to wedge! Be still, my beating heart...

My hubby loves the pugmill too! So much so, that he volunteered to turn my three year pile of reclaim back into usable clay. He's already made noticeable progress.

New love is just the thing to brighten up the depths of winter!
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