Monday, March 10, 2008

Hedgehogs and Outhouses?!?

by Eleanor Hendriks

I hinted at a future containing outhouses and hedgehogs -well, here they are, courtesy of my beginner pottery class students. I get so excited when students take a basic skill -like making a slab box or a simple thrown bowl and really make it their own. Congratulations to Rod and Lee Ann for really making all they can of the skills they have acquired so far!

Rod's outhouse -still awaiting a date with the glaze kiln (and the ever elusive satellite dish installer!)

Lee Ann's cute little hedgie before glazing....

...and after!

Thanks to Ross, Sandy, Rod and Lee Ann for a great winter session! Stay tuned for some more class highlights....

1 comment:

earmark said...

oh my god, that hedgehog is awesome! and the outhouse... wow, i love it! you have a great blog :)

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