Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kiln Magic

by Eleanor Hendriks

A group of fruit salt shakers with their glaze coats on waiting for the heat that will transform them...
...and how they look 24 hours and 2300 degrees farenheit later...
I just love how the subdued and dusty looking glaze coat becomes bright and jewel-like by the action of the heat. There were a few disappointments in the kiln too -a glaze ran and fused three really nice mugs to the shelf :( but these things sometimes happen in the world of pottery. I'm just glad this didn't happen to the special order mug that I also had in the kiln!

A few of the fruit salt shakers have already been listed in my Etsy shop.


Erin said...

One of the many cool and magical things about ceramics! I'm especially amused at glazing a pot in a green celadon that looks bright red in the bucket.
Those oranges remind me of candy Runts :)

gr said...

whoa. a potter's blog with the same color scheme as mine, a similar approach to blogging studio progress and fun and bright work???? are you my twin, my doppelganger? how did you find me? can I feature you at potsblog???

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