Thursday, November 04, 2010

4th Annual StudioÉlan Christmas Art Sale

by Eleanor Hendriks

Pottery -Eleanor Hendriks
Watercolour -Janice Addison
Stonecarving -Peter Martin
Handsewn Gifts -Rene Buist
Stained Glass and jewellery -Janet Tysiak
Woodturning -Morris Young

Friday November 5, 6-9pm
Saturday November 6, 11-6
Sunday November 7, 11-6

From Hwy 121 just north of Fenelon Falls,
turn east onto Victoria County Road 8 and
south onto Hickory Beach Road. #97

Please join us for a lovely weekend with art. Let me know you saw it on the blog and I'll give you $5 Élan dollars to spend on pottery!


Mother Mutter said...

Hi Elanor!
I was just checking your blog to see when the Christmas sale is, and am sad to see that I've missed it. Sorry! I also wanted to say that I'm missing our pottery sessions at your studio. Unfortunately I wasn't working for a while there, and now I'm working again, but in Peterborough full-time, so it may be a while before I can make it back to Fenelon for classes. Thank you so much for the classes I did with you, I enjoyed them very much, and I look forward to eventually being able to get back to them. (why do we never get to have time and money at the same time???)

StudioÉLAN said...

Hi Mother Mutter -get in touch with your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get an invitation to next year's show. And the thing about money and time is so true!!

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