Friday, February 01, 2008

Snowflakes are Falling INSIDE!!!

by Eleanor Hendriks

Today's blog is mostly pictures -of the process I use to make snowflake designs on my pottery.

Blank slab formed plates

Cutting paper stencils

Wait for it...

...the fun part!


Matches made

See you later!



Ta Da!!

Looking at the ruined stencils in the garbage always make me a little sad...

...but these neat leftover cut bits give me ideas!!
You can see a finished platter using this method here in my Etsy shop along with a few other pieces.


High Desert Diva said...

This was very fun. I love learning how things are done, and always appreciate pictures more than mere text.
My mind is can those used snowflake stencils be reused???

StudioÉLAN said...

Sorry Diva, the stencils can't be reused -the picture that makes me sad is of the stencils in the garbage. The next picture is of the paper cuttings that are leftover when I cut the stencils. I can't throw them away -it seems like I should be able to DO something with them too! I'm such a packrat!!

chaetoons said...

Thanks for sharing your stenciling technique. Love what you are doing with it !!!

MAKUstudio said...

Great blog Eleanor! Thank you for sharing!


Cynthia said...

What a terrific idea Eleanor - I love it!

fields of honey said...

stunning snowflakes. so neat to see the work in progress.

Splinter said...

Thank you for sharing this great tutorial, Eleanor!
Do you remember me trying out this technique some weeks ago? I've posted pictures of my finished plate on my blog and think you might be interested to see the result. I'm very happy with it! Next time I try it (and I definately will) I'll follow your advice to advance my use of this method.

Heidi said...

thanks to your blog tutorials i have made variations of the castles and the angels with my clay class. i wanted to make stencils like the snowflakes and was wondering how you get them to stick to the bisque ware. i have tried various masking techniques, but never just paper. I want it to be successful for my little ones. I have also thought about just having them do a wax resist. you can check out what we have been up to at thank you so much.

Hope said...

I want to follow you blog, but do not see a follow button to click on. How can I follow you blog?

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