Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Etsy fun for StudioÉLAN!

by Eleanor Hendriks

I had some Treasury thrills yesterday! -First of all, I got to make a treasury -this has become harder as the number of treasuries sometimes soars over 500. Second, my treasury was used as the front page (the first thing people see when they enter the Etsy website) within hours and it was up during the evening for most of North America -so it was seen by many! Here's how it looked (at least for a while -it kept changing around while it was up)...

Not a speck of clay in it, but fun all the same.

Later on I got a nice note from a Toronto artist who goes by the name RatGirl, to thank me for featuring her necklace and she put the page on her blog. I think the World Wide Web is aptly named and I am enjoying being part of its weaving!

The Matryoshka collection wasn't the first treasury that I made that became the front page -this one was....

I didn't realize how rare it was to get chosen for the front page yet then -I think this may have been only my second Treasury -and now the competition is even more fierce with so many treasuries to choose from every day! So I guess I'm feeling a little boost because "they like me, they really like me!!!" Silly, huh? I do like that they didn't mix this one up when it was on the front page -perhaps it was left alone because the layout was so important to how it looked. I wish that the Matryoshka collection was left alone too -even though the layout wasn't so obvious, I did choose it very carefully and didn't like the variations that were generated by Etsy. Hmm.. I wonder if it was a human making the changes or some piece of clever code?? I don't mind insulting a computer for poor aesthetic choices but I'd rather not dis a human!

If you don't get what I'm blathering on about here you'll have to pop over to Etsy and check out the Treasuries to see! Each collection on the list is chosen by an Etsian and its rank in the Hotness list is determined by the number of people who click on the items featured. Caution: major timewaster website ahead!

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O C Baby said...

Congratulations! Being chosen is a huge deal!

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