Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's get things straight!!

by Eleanor Hendriks

I was talking a few weeks ago with a potter at his show opening. I complimented him on the great posters and promotional materials that he had. He told me that his wife made them. I said that the selling system seemed to be going smoothly -he said that his wife organized that. I said that I thought that the displays showed off his work really well -he said that his wife made all the display decisions. I told him that I need to get a wife!!

Since I'm not planning to get a wife anytime soon, I thought I'd show you some of the great things that my wonderful husband made for my studio..

First the packing thingie -it's too high to be called a table, but it keeps all my boxes and wrapping papers coralled neatly and instantly accessible. On top I have my trusty scale, tape collection, goodies to add to packages (not telling -the only way to find out what they are is to buy a little sumthin' sumthin' from my Etsy store...) and notecards.
Next, my kiln shelf rack and post organizing system. Keeps all the shelves safe and handy. I even have a pen tied to the table so that I am never without when I want to fill in my kiln log.

A slab roller table -OK, this may be a little overbuilt -but it was still tonnes cheaper than the factory made one that could have come with it.

The wedging table to end all wedging tables -it will never move! In fact, it was so overbuilt that even though we cut off one of the 2x6 boards holding it together at the bottom to get it out of my last studio and into this new one, it still doesn't shake even under the most vigorous wedging action!

Glaze mixing station -the little table at the right is just the right height so that I can weigh things on my triple beam balance and have perfect eye parallax without stooping over. The glaze ingredients go down into a bucket on the lower table with no extra lifting effort. The other low table holds my makeshift washing up station -and its usual collection of dirty dishes. This part of the system could be better -someday!!

High sturdy shelves for storing small boxes of heavy glaze chemicals (and assorted boxes of what can only be called "kaka")
Low sturdy table for glaze buckets at just the right height for dipping pots without stooping and storage for large buckets of glaze ingredients underneath.

All in all -I've got some great custom built ins that make working in the studio more efficient -and more FUN!
Thanks Steve!!!! You're the bestest!


Patricia Griffin said...

You don't need a wife with a great hubby like that! And I'm envious of your hulkie wedging table!

gary rith said...

wow. look at that studio! all my equipment and furninshings in the studio are castoffs!
btw, I also toss a little surprise into mail order packages! HA!

WildMagnolia said...

Nice... Do you rent him out?

Michele D.

Cynthia said...

I'd say that your husband is pretty handy - I'd kill for such an organized studio!

Anne Webb said...

Boy Eleanor.. your studio looks so tidy and organized. I'm inspired to kick mine into order now :) I like your packing station.

When I was in Canada, I used to store my dry ingredients in those tall Roughtotes like you do and absolutely loved it.
Sadly, I'm Still trying to track some down here.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention I'm impressed by how clean your studio floor looks..?

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