Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free prints with Purchase...

by Eleanor Hendriks

My Etsy friend, Debra Linker, is running a great promotion in conjuction with a lovely treasury she has curated. The deal is -buy something from her treasury and spend more than $30 in that shop and you will get to choose a FREE reproduction print from her shop! She has included my Rustic T-light Holder Set in selection -so if you had you eye on these hurry over to check it out. This offer ends when the treasury expires -Wednesday 3:30 pm EST.

What a great idea -thank you Debra!

Here is the beautifully chosen treasury... (the links won't work -click on the ones above if you wish to check out the shops -be sure to look at Debra's too!)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea! Lucky buyers AND sellers :)

Linda Starr said...

What a great idea/sales tool to give a free gift with a purchase.

Eleanor, I just had to say I just saw your custom order red apple bowls on Etsy and they are beautiful.

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